Listen to that woman.

close-up-cover-dress-1143536That woman you call yours is a powerhouse.

She’s the most amazing inspiration there is to the man she loves & who loves her back.

That woman put her life in your hands & so she’s ready to help you build those hands to be strong enough to carry her in them.

She’s ready to grease your gears to grind hard….listen to her!

See her soul & know for a fact that she’s the engine of your life.

Every great woman who loves her man & who is loved just as much by her man is a lion in the jungle…she will keep her territory & help you build to fight off adversaries….listen to her.
Every woman who loves her man & who is equally loved becomes the mirror of her man’s life & all he does will be a reflection of her support & love.

A great woman is the foundation upon which a great man is built…believe that!

If your woman loves you & is a ‘ride-or-die’, be her rock!

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