Month: March 2012

Heart Of Men

All hail, they come to you in the name of friendship.
They rob you blind of your wealth in the name of companionship.
Oh yes! This is the heart of men.
They give when you ask, No! They don’t care about you.
The rule is sly,
the borrower is the slave & yes! They plan to be masters over you.
Wake up! This is the life of men.
I swear this is the heart of men.
A kiss for your lips,a knife for your back.
A shake of your hand,a step on your feet.
A smile to your face,a search for a crack.
It does look light,but indeed it’s kind of dark.
A cycle of illusions,a tit for a tat.
An eye for an eye.
A pool of deceit,swim steady or you’ll drown.
A friend could be a foe, a foe could be a friend.
Nothing is exactly as it looks.
Welcome to the lives of men.
Oh yes! The real hearts of men.

composed & written by myself, Adokwu Malcolm Agbo

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